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Ski Areas Isola 2000

One of the most beautiful downhill ski areas of the Southern Alps!

The resort of Isola 2000 offers its customers 45 alpine ski slopes, including 3 black, 13 red, 22 blue, 7 green, from 1800m to 2610m. In clear conditions, at the top cliff, you will experience an outstanding panorama from the massif of the Ecrins to the Mediterranean Sea, through the Viso and the massif of the Argentera.

New gliding equipments and gears are also introduced at Isola 2000, including snowscoots.



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Tony’s Snowland SNOWPARK

Located 2300m above sea level, in the “Mouflon” sector, the Isola 2000 snowpark welcomes you every day from 10am to 4pm to discover and experiment new sensations of gliding.

Daily maintained, this fun and technical space offers modules for all levels of practitioners


Handrails area (metal slide bars)

Beginners area: Family Park


But also the boarder cross that welcomes you for playful gliding moments.

It is also a meeting place for many national and European competitions.



In that case, the new snowpark package is for you:

it gives you an unlimited access to the chairlift of Marmottes, as well as 2 rides/day in the gondola lift of Mercantour:

➜ 21 € per day


Handiski is in the limelight on Isola 2000 with adapted wheelchairs and trained instructors.

Thanks to the contribution of Departemental Council, Isola 2000 resort is able to provide two “Tandem Ski” wheelchairs.

They can be used by people with reduced mobility or the ones who can’t ski alone. People will only be driven by authorized guides.

People with reduced mobility will have the opportunity to ski with their family, to feel the sensations of gliding and all the emotions that skiing can provide. To enhance safety, the detachable chairlifts can be taken by the tandem ski, with the help of the attendant, allowing beautiful descents in the station.

The ESF (French Ski School – and the ESI (International Ski School – of Isola 2000 recommend you particular lessons, given by their team of specialized instructors.

Booking directly at ski schools or on:



Invalid cardholders receive 50% discount on the public rate, same for the driver.