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Thematic Trails Isola Village

Course of riddles

Canal de la Châtaigneraie

The so called “Canal de la Châtaigneraie” is until the recent past, the main source of income for Isola. Chestnut culture is part of the heritage of the village.

Although it was gradually abandoned after the 1st World War, the ancestral chestnut grove is carefully maintained and we can still see huge trees, more than a hundred years old, whose silhouettes cut out in the sky.

You will discover an old irrigation canal located in the heart of the chestnut grove with the creation of an interpretive trail along it. Old cobbled paths, retaining water walls, oratories, barns with a specific architecture, canal and its water diversion works, remarkable points of view, chestnut grove, diversified flora and fauna constitute the frame of this itinerary.

Terminus of the circuit, a spectacular lookout, located in full cliff, makes it possible to observe the canal carved out of the rock, extraordinary vestige of the work and testimony of the skillness of the former inhabitants.

Dizziness Trail

Louch Waterfall Trail

Overlooking a small valley where it shatters its clear waters after a vertiginous fall of 90m, the waterfall of Louch takes place in a space of proximity of the village where the natural and cultural inheritance related to the water is particularly rich.

This impressive waterfall can be admired from Isola, but is only approached by a few canyoning participants. To unveil and to discover this dazzling spectacle, you’ll have to use the “path of vertigo” created upon the theme of water, pacing the old agricultural terraces and leading to a footbridge crossing the waterfall, where you make a stop and take your time for a contemplative point of view. It will allow you to experience safely the full pleasure of dizziness. This route, dotted with numerous spectacular lookouts, joins the Louch plateau before descending to the village via a stony heritage trail.