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Isola Village The mountain to breathe a little more soul

At 870 m altitude, you will discover the calm and serenity of the village of Isola through its historical heritage and local culture that are the pride of its people, with whom you can share a little history.

Paved streets that extend the hiking trails, a nautical center that replicates the mountain lakes, a cultural wealth that has nothing to envy to the natural heritage … Much more than just a village of altitude, Isola is the “extra soul” that gives the mountain its uncomparable charm, an unknown landscape with a special touch of hospitality which soon becomes a familiar spot.  in the hollow of the mountains, come and relax at the Aquavallée Center, an oasis of wellbeing which provides upscale services. Come and relax at Lake of Snows, take the time for a pedal boat ride, or fishing or a mini-golf game.

The village of Isola offers a different aspect of the Tinée valley. Located in the upper valley, it has characteristic features of a mountain village.

These large houses made of exposed stone, topped with larch shingles, denote a more rigorous climate. Water is however ubiquitous in Isola. The many fountains, the laundry located in the old town, but also the hydroelectric dam located on the Tinée, these all bear witness.

This water was not only a source of well-being. It was at the origin of many inconveniences, in particular the floods caused by the overflow of Vallon de Chastillon which damaged the village.

Indeed, the bell tower Saint-Pierre, Lombard style, located at the entrance of the village is the only survivor monument of this difficult period and arouses curiosity. Its church was washed away by the waters, as well as the old village. Discover the chestnut grove that was the main food resource for the Isolians who held the virtual monopoly of production in the County of Nice. From now on, winter tourism in Isola 2000 resort ensures the reputation of the municipality to be recognised more widely.