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Club Back to Back SNOWBOARD

Snowboard Club BACK TO BACK club is proud to present its second Olympic medalist. After TONY RAMOIN bronze medalist in Vancouver in 2010, JULIA PEREIRA wins the silver medal in Korea in 2018.


Created in 1991, the club BACK TO BACK is the specialist of the competition in all the disciplines since its creation and cumulates more than one hundred national titles.

For 2019/2020, Julia PERREIRA, Ken VUAGNOUX, in France team and Julien MERKEN in young free style team, will wear Isola 2000 colors at the international level.

But the club BACK TO BACK is also a quality coaching, in the good mood, whether you are attracted by the competition or by the leisure side of snowboarding.

The BACK TO BACK club offers you to come to improve your pleasure, to introduce you to the competition, and for some to participate in national competitions.

Join the most successful snowboard club in France for training in the season, à la carte or holiday camps, in our competition groups, or kids – from 6 years old.