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Gold medal

What does it feel like to become world champion?
I’m really happy with the way I approached the race today. I didn’t have a specific plan, I just wanted to produce ski, I managed to do it. I’ve had some really good skiing for some time and then the next move, that’s not it so I’m really happy to have managed to produce very high level skiing, even with the pressure.

And when you become the first parallel world champion?
It’s a shame! I have not always been in agreement with this discipline, on the way of qualifying, on the absence of laps in two heats. Today, we have something more fair and equitable, more fun for the viewer to watch. I’m the first world champion but that doesn’t change what I was saying.

But hey, it’s still there (the gold medal), I’m not going to spit on it. Is it also a way to find a smile after difficult seasons?
It’s been four or five years that I haven’t done the seasons that I would like to do, so yes this title is a reward, it relieves me to know that I am able to produce this kind of ski on such an event. There are days like this when everything is in order, everything goes well.

Source L’équipe